High Heels Cause Foot Problems and Pains

Did you know? 

Women have about four times as many foot problems as men. Patterns of wearing high heels often are the culprit. 


High heels can be the source for bunions, hammer toes, tailors bunions, pump bumps (disformity in the back of the heel)  and Metatarsalgia (pain in the bar of the foot). 



Bunions are those unsightly boney bumps that forms on the joint at the base of your big toes. Although it may look like a bone growth, it is the result of improper toe alignment. 


Hammer Toes

Hammer toes are the abnormal bend in the center joint of the toe. Corns and calluses are typically formed from shoes rubbing on the joint in the shoes. 


Tailors Bunions:

Tailor’s bunions are the bumps that form at the base of your little toe. This is the product of the pinky toe pointing inward and the bone misalignment sticks out. 


Pump Bump:  The rigid backs of high heel shoes can create pressure that aggravates the back of the heel when walking. Inherited foot structures such as a high arched foot can contribute to this condition.



Pain in the ball of the foot can be become worse as heel height gets higher. The pain can result from the excess pressure.


What can you do?

Before considering surgery, start by trying toe separators. Bromitch’s  Medical-Grade Silicone Toe Stretchers Have Been Medically Proven To Alleviate Painful Symptoms Caused By:

  •  Bunions & Bunionette
  •  Plantar Fasciitis
  •  Hammer, Claw, Crossed or Crooked Toes
  •  Hallux Valgus
  •  Varicose Veins
  •  Bone, Tissue & Cartilage Misalignment
  •  Tired & Cramping Toes from Excessive Standing, Walking or Running




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